2016 Southland Community Environment Award goes to Ernslaw One


Environment Southland’s 2016 Southland Community Environment Award went to Ernslaw One for diversifying its business using areas that are unsuitable for growing trees, by creating hundreds of ponds in frost zones, in unplanted riparian areas near waterways and in powerlines corridors to farm freshwater crayfish.

The Council noted that Ernslaw One has taken sediment reduction to the next level and its dedication to environmental sustainability and protection and enhancement of the local ecosystems is impressive.

More at https://youtu.be/md12wMeUGtk?list=PLBjgrK7mZgAj7ZLh3rNcwBX-qMXQRY2mG 

Ernslaw donated half of the $1000 Community Environment Award prize money to Heddon Bush School where around nine years ago, pupils took on the challenge of restoring the ecological of a one hectare patch of native bush that had been decimated by stock and dominant by exotic grasses, and the other half of the prize to Southland Girls High School for their Environment program.