Contractor Resources

The enclosed resource material is made available to enable Ernslaw One's contractors to align their policies and procedures with those of Ernslaw One Limited, and to fulfil our reporting requirements.

It is Ernslaw One's expectation that our contractors will explain all of our policies and procedures, and task specific and critical and safety rules, as well as task specific environmental rules and guidelines from the NZFOA Environmental Code of Practice to all new workers and any new sub-contractor as an integral part of their job induction prior to commencing work in any Ernslaw one forests.

This material defines our minimum expectations, our Contractors are encouraged to adopt more stringent systems where appropriate.

If you can't download or don't understand any of this material then please contact your Regional Manager. If you can't find key material here, or if you are aware of something useful that's not listed here, then please contact Ernslaw One's Manager of Corporate Support, because others contractors may well be looking for the same information. If you see a better way then please let us know.

These pages will be updated from time to time. We will indicate dates of any updates.