Ernslaw helps enable broadband communication for the Waihopai Valley


Ernslaw One has made a site available high above the Waihopai Valley in Marlborough to help enable the government’s Rural Broadband Initiative.  Broadband services were previously unavailable for farmers and vineyard operators in the valley.  The new system also provides localised cell coverage in the vicinity of each broadband hub, as mobile coverage does not exists in the upper Waihopai valley. 

The Marlborough District Council has an enabling approach to infrastructure and approved resource consents for the structures and gained MoBIE funding for the project.  

Photo: Communications Minister Amy Adams, Marlborough District Mayor John Leggett and MDC Councillor and neighbour Geoff Evans a on the mountain top site in Ernslaw One’s Tordarroch forest for the official opening of the new broadband data repeater.