Ernslaw’s Keewai best in class at NZ Food Awards


The NZ Food Awards are an opportunity to showcase New Zealand’s top foods.  Ernslaw’s aquaculture division is permitted to farm Koura (NZ freshwater crayfish) in some of our South Island forests.  Manager John Hollows submitted the product’s resume (branded as “Keewai”) and arranged live Koura for preparation by top chefs at the 2016 awards.  The judges were very complimentary of the quality of the product, the story and the packaging.  Provenance is becoming very important in food circles and the natural, chemical free, tasty freshwater crayfish produced in our forest’s ticked all the boxes.  The Food Award has benefited Ernslaw One as it demonstrates that the company’s forest and fresh water management systems are environmentally sound, as Keewai will not grow in polluted environments. 

The convener of the judges noted “The value of this award to a new business cannot be understated”.    

BITE magazine (NZ Herald) chef Ray Mc Vinnie posted a recipe: 

NZ Food Awards presentation:

Congratulations John, Greg and team