Forestry Environmental Management Excellence Award


Greg Kendall and Paul Hart of Ernslaw’s Naseby forest won the Forestry Environmental Management Excellence Award at the Southern Wood Council Forestry Awards 2016.  Otago Regional Council ORC chairman Stephen Woodhead, when presenting Greg and Paul with that award, stated:

“Our region’s water plan encourages landholders and operators to take responsibility for the environmental effects of their activities – it is pleasing to see the innovative solutions being developed by the [Forest] industry.” 

Refer ORC ‘Waterlines’ winter 2016 publication:

Greg and Paul have created a low cost effective truck crossing for low-gradient streams to stop logging truck wheels tracking in and washing mud (sediment) into flowing water within Naseby Forest.  This innovation has put operations at Naseby in compliance with the ORC water plan stream bed disturbance and sediment rules, and positions them to comply with a rule proposed in the Forestry NES (RMA) which, when gazetted, will limit vehicle movements through fresh water to 20 axel crossings per day (where the fording of the stream would otherwise cause a discernible change in visual clarity of the waterbody).  

The Otago Regional Council have used Greg and Paul as “poster boys” at public meetings for the type of lateral thinking they wish to see when meeting the Plan rules.  The Regional Council have made a video interviewing both Greg and Paul on camera promoting their work on the Council website