The North Island Brown Kiwi is a nationally vulnerable species that is present in the Whangapoua Forest.  Ernslaw One established a kiwi management area in 2007 and a comprehensive trapping programme was established to control predators. Traps are regularly maintained around the perimeter of the area and kiwi counts will be carried out in future to gauge the success of the programme. Hunters in this forest must use dogs that have been “kiwi-aversion” trained. 


The North Island Brown Kiwi is also present in the Waimarino Forest. The Whakamanu Wildlife Trust was set up in 2000 to raise funds for a project to boost the population of kiwi in the Waimarino forest. WPI have historically supported the Whakamanu Wildlife Trust and Ernslaw One is proud to continue this tradition. The programme is part of the larger BNZ Operation Nest Egg programme which collects kiwi eggs, hatches and raises them in captivity and then releases them back into the forests. The survival rate of these released chicks is 80%, compared to just 5% of chicks hatched in the wild. Over 1000 kiwis have been raised and released under this programme, with the 1000thchick, named Hūpai, being an egg collected from and released back into the Waimarino forest.  Over 30 chicks have been successfully hatched and released back into the Waimarino forest.

To help the kiwi:

  • harvesting is carefully planned so as to minimize the effects on their habitat
  • predator control is carried out
  • hunters must use dogs that have been kiwi-aversion trained