Ernslaw One Naseby Recreational Area

Naseby Coalpit DamNaseby Forest is privately owned by Ernslaw One Ltd

Ernslaw One has shown its commitment to the local community in Naseby with an open-forest-policy that allows the public to use the Forest Recreation Area.  Furthermore, the company supports local projects e.g. by donating land for the Indoor Curling Rink and the Ice Luge complex.


Fire Season

1st October - 31st March

During the summer Ernslaw One has a Duty Officer on call 24 hours a day.  One of the responsibilities is to monitor the Fire Weather Index daily at 1 pm and this determines if the Forest Recreation Area is open or closed.

When the fire danger indicator Board at the entrance to Naseby is on EXTREME, the Forest gates will be locked at all Entry points and FOREST CLOSED Signs fitted.  DO NOT ENTER the Forest Recreation Area!

During periods of EXTREME fire danger the forest is patrolled by Ernslaw One Staff on a regular basis.  When asked by an Ernslaw One employee to vacate the Forest please do so quickly!

If you become aware of a FIRE, get out of the Forest immediately and dial 111.  Following the flow of the Mt Ida Water Race will cross forest roads and returns you to Naseby Township.

Please respect the conditions of access so that the forest can always be enjoyed by others.

Commercial and Business use

It is mandatory for these groups to call into Ernslaw One Forestry Office, 34 Derwent Street, or phone        03 444 9995 during working hours, prior to entering the forest.  Ernslaw One’s Health and Safety Policy and Concession conditions require your consideration and acknowledgement.

Any new hazards should be reported to the Forestry Office.  Vandalism should be reported to Ernslaw One staff.

The Forest outside the Recreation Area is known as the Working Forest and access is by permit only!

Breaking of rules or inappropriate behaviour will result in the issuing of a Trespass Notice and notification to the Police.

Use of the FOREST RECREATION AREA is at your own risk. Please take note of the following:

Naseby Activities

Thank you and enjoy your visit.