Southern North Island Recreational Area

All Hunting Blocks and Weekends are booked out.
We will start again in June next year.

Information & Instructions

 Information & Rules

  • Any person over the age of 15 years old can apply for a Sambar Deer hunting permit in the Santoft Forest
  • Applications for permits are only accepted via  and must be received at least one week before the desired date.
  • Hunting is permitted only on weekends between the 1st of July and 30th September.
  • Hunting permits are only valid on the designated date in the designated hunting block specified on the permit.
  • The permit only covers the persons named on the permit.
  • Only one hunting block per weekend is permitted.
  • Access only by foot from the gates.
  • No spotlighting and hunting after dark.
  • All hunters have to send a Kill Return sheet the latest 4 Days after the hunting weekend to
  • Ernslaw One’s policy is: NO Kill Return sheet – No Further Permit


  • The administration fee per permit is $50 including GST and must be transferred to the specified account shown in the confirmation email.


  • Choose one of the hunting blocks shown on the map and a weekend that suits you (maybe also a spare weekend)
  • Send the completed application form and a copy (scan or picture) of your Firearms Licence to
  • If everything is correct and the Block is available on the date you will receive a confirmation email with the payment details.
  • After payment confirmation in our bank account, we will send you the permit via E-Mail
  • Print and Sign the Permit
  • Read and follow the Terms and Conditions of the Permit.
  • Print out the Permit Car Card and put it where visible, behind the windscreen of your car.
  • Carry your printed hunting permit every time on you and show it to our security guard or our employees in case of a control.
  • Send the Kill return sheet at the latest 4 days after the weekend (Thursday) on the specified email address.

Hunting Permit Application Form
Map - Hunting Blocks 2019