Community and Conservation

Community and Conservation

Active in our community

Many of the regions in which we work are heartland New Zealand.  We consider these communities to be our extended family and as such, do our best to support them through providing employment, being a part of community and charitable initiatives, helping to protect heritage sites and nurture flora, fauna and waterways,  We want our neighbourhood and stakeholders to be as proud of New Zealand's forestry industry as we are.


Some of our forests are habitat to a number of rare, threatened and endangered flora and fauna. We work with local communities and conservation groups to protect and nurture any species of concern.  This may involve riparian planting, predator control and monitoring.

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Visiting our forests

While visiting our forests we want you to stay safe.  Please ensure you're familiar with the conditions of forest entry.

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Nurturing our people to succeed is at the core of our business ethos.  We invest in the training and development of each and every one of our people to encourage them to grow and reach their goals.