How we work

Nurturing our people to succeed is at the core of our business ethos

How we work

Ernslaw One owns and manages approximately 95,000 hectares of forest.  The estate is comprised of mainly radiata pine and Douglas-fir softwood species in privately owned forest, Crown Forest leases and private leases in both the North and South Islands.

Radiata pine is grown in the North Island at a number of locations including Gisborne, Ruapehu and Manawatu/Rangitikei.  Douglas-fir and radiata pine are grown in the South Island forest estates in Southland and Otago.

The geographical spread helps reduce the risk of loss from fire and wind, and the two species help cover the risk from disease and insects.


We grow premium logs for both domestic and international markets.  Our highly experienced team works across the full forestry cycle, from seed to sale.

From the moment a seedling is planted, it is monitored and nurtured to its full potential through careful growth management.

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We harvest around 1.4 million tonnes per year, using some of the very latest technology and mechanisation.  Our harvesting crews sometimes work in challenging terrain which requires customised solutions to ensure a low impact, safe operation.

We take care to protect native trees, waterways and the many species that inhabit our forests throughout our harvesting operations.


The rationale to diversify and add value has seen Ernslaw One expand processing capabilities into a vertically integrated softwood product company via the purchase and integration of wood processing entity, Winstone Pulp International, which forms the processing arm of Ernslaw's forestry activities.More recently we are continuing to look at opportunities to more efficiently utilise our forestry by-products for bio fuel.

Health and Safety

The wellbeing of our people counts for everything. We want our people to be healthy, happy and engaged. And most of all, be safe in everything they do, every day.

Safety is not just an organisational requirement, it is a way of life, and we are set on a course of continuous improvement. We collaborated with our people, our contractors, Worksafe and Forestry Industry Safety Council (FISC) to develop processes and protocols that would make a difference.

Environmental Management

The forestry industry plays an important role in our environment.  Planted forests deliver clean drinkable water, are habitat for many otherwise rare or threatened indigenous species reduce soil erosion, provide renewable, energy-efficient building products, offset carbon emissions and are a major part of the rural economy.

We harvest a renewable resource in an environmentally responsible manner through good forest management and taking a low-impact approach.

Caring for the environment goes hand in hand with our forestry operations.  We regularly review our operational procedures to ensure they measure up against best practice in environmental standards.

We work closely with our contractors to protect the future productivity of the land, not just tree health but also soil and water health and biodiversity.We are committed to continual improvement and strive to not only meet industry requirements but exceed them.

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Our Customers

We enjoy long terms relationships, built on trust, reliability and respect, with our  domestic and international clients.

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Management Plan Summary

The management plan summary contains further details about Ernslaw One's operations at an individual forest level.  These plans are updated on an annual basis.

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