Our customers

Working together

We are proud of our long term relationships with our customers which are built on trust, reliability and respect.  Our logs are in high demand both domestically and internationally.

Winstone Pulp International (WPI) is not only our sister company, but a major customer.  Situated in Karioi (Central North Island) the wood processing operations produce a range of timber and pulp products derived from renewable plantations for New Zealand and overseas markets.

The pulp is high grade BCTMP used in high grade packaging and sold to China, India and Indonesia. Ernslaw One strives to provide all the wood fibre needed for these markets but on occasions we do buy in external wood to supplement our export shipments.

Our specialised export team is highly experienced in shipping and logistics ensuring our products are delivered where they’re needed, on time.

Southern North Island domestic customers

Kiwi Lumber Dannevirke

... has been a customer of Ernslaw One since the late 90’s, receiving a mix of sawlog and pruned log from the Sand Forests.

Pan Pac Forest Products Limited

Ernslaw has been supplying Pan Pac in Napier with pruned logs from Karioi and Waimarino forests. This forms part of a strategic relationship between WPI, Ernslaw and Pan Pac to maximise logistical woodflow efficiency.

MitchPine Products

... Is a locally owned sawmill based in Foxton that is focused mainly on the post and poles market. For over thirty years Ernslaw has been supplying a round wood log from our production thinning operations in the Sands Forests around Bulls and Tangimoana.

South Island domestic customers

Great Southern Ranfurly

... has been a steady customer, purchasing Corsican roundwood from Naseby Forest. (It previously traded as Odlins Ranfurly.) The roundwood is processed into treated posts and poles for the farming and horticulture industries. Although demand is only 3-5 loads/week, the supply has been consistent over the 20 years since we purchased Naseby Forest.

Stuarts Timber Co

... in Tapanui has been a consistent customer of Ernslaw since 1990. They are a small family sawmill supplying construction and treated timber into the domestic market. They originally purchased Douglas-fir logs to produce framing timber, but now purchase mostly S grade radiata, along with some pruned logs and roundwood for posts and poles. They are the closest sawmill to Blue Mountain Forest, and we continue to enjoy a close relationship meeting their demand.

Findlater Sawmilling Limited

... in Winton purchase Douglas-fir logs from us when we are in clearfell. They are a small domestic sawmill selling mostly framing timber through their ITM store locally. We have supplied them since Blue Mountain Lumber closed in 2008.


East Coast Lumber

.... based in Wairoa, has been working with Ernslaw One since 2005.  As their customers in the USA and Europe seek larger section clear lumber, the quality of log we deliver has always been a good fit for these markets.  We have been able to consistently supply pruned logs.