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South Island freshwater crayfish (Kōura)

While the South Island freshwater crayfish is classified as one of New Zealand’s native species under threat due to the degradation of freshwater habitats, it is not protected.  Ernslaw One’s innovative and unique operation, known as KEEWAI, is helping to save South Island freshwater crayfish by farming them sustainably and sympathetically, with a view to rebuilding a flourishing population.

Special forest inhabitant

Our forests are home to some very special inhabitants and we are committed to protecting and nurturing them so that they will continue to thrive.

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Preserving heritage sites

Tucked away in our forests are precious heritage sites which we play guardians to.  Steeped in history, these sites must be preserved and protected.

Naseby Forest is one such site that we are privileged to watch over.

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Nurturing our people to succeed is at the core of our business ethos.  We invest in the training and development of each and every one of our people to encourage them to grow and reach their goals.