Visiting our forests

Visiting our Forests

Access to all Ernslaw One’s forests is by permit only, except for the recreation area in Naseby Forest in Otago. (Please refer to Visiting Naseby section below)

While we welcome you to enjoy our forests, as a commercial operation there are multi-hazard working sites that must be carefully managed to ensure everyone’s safety. Please follow the terms and conditions stated on your permit and adhere to advice provided on all warning signs, and never enter an active work site, such as forest harvesting operations.

You will need to obtain permit for the following activities:

  •  Scientific, monitoring or other business or commercial purposes.
  •  Recreation including walking, horse riding or mountain biking - in any part of the forest, including public access areas, where there is active silviculture, road building, harvesting or log trucking.
  • Hunting (weekend only).

Permits and our Public Access Policy can be obtained through the appropriate regional office.

Depending on the nature and location of the activity, you may require safety induction by our staff. Correct PPE must be worn where it is a requirement of entry.

Public access areas - esplanade strips & reserves along some rivers, marginal strips, easements and unformed (paper) roads, exist within some Ernslaw One Forests. Where these exist, for your safety please follow all signage, stay within the public access area and stay out of operational areas. The location of public access areas around New Zealand, including within some Ernslaw forests, can be found here.

Public access will be suspended during period of high risk, such as forest operations, logging trucks, pest control, fire danger, heavy storm or extreme winds (falling trees/branches). We encourage you to call ahead for the latest safety update before entering a forest.

Naseby forest
Blue Mountain forest

Visiting Blue Mountain Forest

Our forests around Tapanui in West Otago provide opportunities for many activities over and above growing trees.

Are you wanting to access Blue Mountain Forest?

To enter any Ernslaw One Blue Mountain forest for hunting (weekend only), please apply here to be on the ballot system. 

General Access permits are issued free of charge but depending on what activity you propose, you may need to visit our office at Cemetery Road in order to uplift a gate key and/or receive a comprehensive safety induction.

Visiting Naseby Forest

Naseby Forest is privately owned by Ernslaw One and has an open forest policy allowing the public to use the Naseby Forest Recreation Area. There are over 50km of Mountain bike and walking tracks that are available for you to enjoy. 

While we welcome you to enjoy our forest, as an operating commercial forest, we take safety seriously. Naseby Forest is a working forest with heavy machinery operating, therefore access outside the Recreational Area is by permit only. Some areas/tracks might be closed with short or no notice due to operations taking place, or areas deemed unsafe due to other factors. 

We request that all visitors need to contact our office on 16 Oughter Street during office hours 9 am – 4pm ( or call 03 444 9995 ) or refer to Naseby Forest Recreational Facebook page for the latest information on track access. Visitors are asked to respect and adhere to our safety rules and warning signs put in place especially on a work site.

Please note the use of the Forest Recreation Area is at your own risk. Please take note and follow the instructions on the signs posted around the area.

We want to ensure you have a pleasant experience at Naseby, however any rule breaking or inappropriate behaviour will result in the issuing of a Trespass Notice and notification to the Police. Please report any hazards or vandalism to our  staff at our Naseby office.

Curling natural ice

Fire Danger at Naseby

The Fire season runs from the 1st October through to 31st March each season. During this time forest related activities may be curtailed during higher fire danger periods.

When the fire danger indicator board at the entrance to Naseby is on EXTREME, the Forest gates will be locked at all entry points and FOREST CLOSED signs fittedPlease do not enter the Forest Recreation Area if the forest is closed.

During periods of extreme fire danger, the forest is patrolled by Ernslaw One Staff on a regular basis. When asked by an Ernslaw One employee to vacate the Forest please do so immediately.

Please respect the conditions of access so that the forest can always be enjoyed by others.

If you become aware of a FIRE, get out of the Forest immediately and dial 111. Following the flow of the Mt Ida Water Race will cross forest roads and return you to Naseby Township.

For further updates on Naseby Forest recreational area access, fire danger and activity, please visit our Facebook page as this is updated daily approximately 2pm, during the fire season.

For further Information please visit the FENZ website

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