Community & Conservation

Preserving heritage sites

Naseby Forest

Naseby Forest is one of the jewels in our crown. The 2,500 hectare forest is a combination of operating forest plantation and some of Otago region’s best recreational facilities which draws thousands of visitors each year.

The forest covers what was once the Naseby goldfields which, back in the 1860s, attracted pioneers and prospectors from around the world hoping to find their fortune.

Corsican  pine and Douglas-fir has been planted over old gold workings making sure that historical house sites, sluice guns and pipes, water races, damns and other relics of the 1800s and 1900s are remain accessible  and are protected.  The last mining claim from the 1960s remains as it was and is part of the many interesting sites to visit in the forest.

Before any harvesting activity takes place, we have the area assessed by an archeologist and make our harvesting plan accordingly.

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