Nurtured in rain and spring-fed ponds, tucked away amongst golden tussocks and native wetlands within our Otago and Southland forests, we have taken a new approach to aquaculture that is low intensity and environmentally friendly.

Our Kōura are being raised by nature with no additives or introduced foods.  Kōura will not grow in polluted environments and demand the highest water quality to thrive – a true indicator of the pure, untouched environment in which they live.

With approximately 2000 kōura ponds across 11 forests in Otago and Southland, KEEWAI is demonstrating measurable conservation benefits to the dwindling population of the native species.

Our conservation values have won accolades including the Spirit of New Zealand Award at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards.  We are also proud to have won a prestigious environmental award at the Environmental Southland Awards for our conservation and environmental efforts.

KEEWAI is managed by aquaculture manager, John Hollows, who has a Master’s degree in zoology and completed his thesis on: Land use effects on the growth and diet of the freshwater crayfish.  After studying and working with kōura for 25 years, John enjoys sharing his knowledge and love of the environment with school children in the region.  Using koura as the focal point for environmental education around waterways, John visits numerous schools a year to teach children the importance of water quality and conservation.