Clint McIvor

Bluewood Logging, Tapanui

Clint McIvor has always been a dab hand with a chainsaw since entering the forestry industry 27 years ago.

Previously dairy farming, he moved into forestry at the recommendation of some mates who were already in the industry.  Securing a job with a harvesting contractor working for Ernslaw One, Clint began learning the ropes.  He started working on skid sites and breaking out, followed by tree felling for a hauler gang and then he became a machine operator so there’s not much Clint doesn’t know about harvesting.

He has now been running Bluewood Logging with his wife, Kathrine, for more than 14 years and continues to work with Ernslaw One.

Clint runs two crews – one mechanised thinning crew in Naseby Forest and the other a logging crew which operates mainly in Blue Mountains and Dusky Forests.

While the mechanised thinning crew are highly experienced machine operators, Clint places an emphasis on bringing young locals on board.

“We can provide them with a good training ground to help them learn and progress,” says Clint.“They start with the basics of learning to handle and look after a chain saw and then the skill of cutting down trees.”

Clint says Ernslaw has been a good company to work for and with.

“There is a great camaraderie between contractors and staff and while we have different roles to play, we all work together.  Their open-door policy and strong communication contributes to the great relationship we have.

“I’ve only ever worked with Ernslaw and don’t see that changing any time soon.”

Clint McIvor
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