Stacy & Penny Habib

Pride Forestry, Gisborne

Stacy Habib, co-owner of silviculture company, Pride Forestry in Gisborne, got his first taste of forestry at the age of 14.

He started out pruning for a local silviculture crew and not only his practical skills but his leadership skills were soon noticed by the boss.  At 17 he became foreman and ran a crew of around 25 guys.

After eight years of working in silviculture crews for various operators he and his wife, Penny, established their own silviculture company which they ran for a few years before doing a stint in Australia.

Returning to New Zealand in 2016 they set up Pride Forestry in Gisborne.

“From all our years of experience, we knew we could work smarter, more efficiently and safer.

“We’ve got a highly skilled crew with a great work ethic.  We all watch out for each other, work hard and safely so we get to enjoy quality family time at the weekends,” says Stacy.

Penny, who is co-owner of the business, runs the administration and health and safety functions while Stacy heads up all operations and manages their team of ten.

Stacy has made a point of taking on a lot of young locals to help them get a career established.

“We’ve got a lot of young people struggling to get motivated and find something to do so it’s been really important to us that we give them something to do and get them excited about forestry.  It’s been fantastic to see the change in them and their whole outlook on life.”

Safetree certified, Pride Forestry works exclusively with Ernslaw One, providing planting, thin to waste and pruning silviculture operations in its forests in the Gisborne region.

“Ernslaw has always looked after us and have got our backs.  They have been able to provide us with enough work to keep us on board full time which provides stability and security for us all.  Loyalty counts for a lot and we really enjoy working with them,” says Stacy.

Stacy & Penny Habib
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